Genre-bending artist Leviticuss enters a new chapter, redefining his sound and vision as he harnesses his raw rock roots and infuses them with his conscious storytelling rap talent. Hailing from Tampico, a small rural town in central Washington, he now resides in Selah, Washington, where he has carved his place in the industry within the Pacific Northwest scene, propelled by his iconic and energetic performances.

Using music as a vessel to channel his own emotions, Leviticuss lyrics strive to be genuine
and relatable to all, as he infuses his own real life experiences with the intention of spreading hope to his fans.


His rhymes are powerfully confessional, and shed light on avoided topics including anxiety and depression. From euphoric to deeply apprehensive and introspective,
Leviticuss uses unique wordplay to tell a story that resonates with people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

His fresh artistic chapter is defined by his upcoming release 'Something Wrong', in which he opens up on the relatable struggle with temptations and pain that haunt from the past, and the helpless feelings they evoke.

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